Valentina Andreotti

Evolutionary radiesthesia "Medicine of the new era"

Through radiesthesia we are searching for the cause that gave rise to the energy imbalance, thus finding a new perspective to relate to the problem, as every disease is already the final healing process of a previous psychological trauma.


Radiesthesia investigates at an energetic level, allowing us to see inside the person the self-created weakening structures, there would be no need for any verbal interaction, because everything is brought to light by the energy we emanate, as if we were an open book.
This method of reading allows the operator to see inside without the person having to recall memories or place emotional filters, having found the access key, we will search by resonance the most suitable method to enter into relationship with ourselves and start the process of self – healing.”

This is how my teacher Margherita Ciampi, creator of “Evolutionary radiesthesia, medicine of the new era” briefly describes the subject.

Currently IV level operator with Sacred symbology achieved by Margherita

Operatore Olistico ai sensi della Legge N.4 del 2013