Today’s society, through its frenetic race, increasingly pushes people to neglect themselves and the psychophysical well-being that derives from it. How many times a “cuddle”, that a person could dedicate to himself, is postponed because of a “I have to!”?
Each of these treatments is oriented and aimed at restoring serenity and awareness, rebalancing mental patterns and bringing the person closer to their needs by learning not to leave them in the background.
Well-being and a good state of health are often, if not always, enclosed in the equilibrium of the emotional sphere. Taking care of them helps to prevent them from resulting in some somatization that could lead to serious consequences.

Iyasu Rōpu

Rope that heals

Elena Strawberry

Evolutionary radiesthesia

Through radiesthesia we are searching for the cause that gave rise to the
energy imbalance

Valentina Andreotti


The technique that uses a type of energy in order to restore health

Valentina Andreotti


Refresh psycho-physical well-being in the person being treated and rebalance the emotional state

Valentina Andreotti

Crystal Induction

Crystals can be considered advanced technologies of the universe

Valentina Andreotti


Instrument of psychophysical well- being

Elena Strawberry