Elena Strawberry

Iyasu Rōpu

It comes from the Japanese where Iyasu indicates a healing process and Rōpu rope, in the version thus composed the meaning gives rise to “Rope that heals”.
Iyasu Rōpu is a discipline aimed at breaking down barriers and deconstructing mental schemes that are set up to hide or ignore – consciously or not – all those things that lead to emotional imbalance.

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Iyasu Rōpu acts in compliance with the times and needs of those who are treated. Living the present, entering a joint meditative state and guided by a vigilant, prepared and attentive operator, helps to find the ways to read and risolve the causes of deep traumas.

After an exploratory consultation, the ideal treatment will be built on the person and the suitable ligatures to ensure that the greatest possible psycho-physical well-being can be achieved.

The treatment could be accompanied with other disciplines, the operator reserves the right to decide which and how it should be performed.
Currently creator, teacher and operator.

Operatore Olistico ai sensi della Legge N.4 del 2013