Trattamento Reiki

Valentina Andreotti


The technique that uses a type of energy in order to restore health, trigger self-healing, induce relaxation and well-being.

The word Reiki indicates the Universal Life Energy, or that force that operates and lives in all things of creation.


The word is of Japanese origin and consists of two parts: the syllable Rei describes the unlimited universal aspect of this energy; Ki is a part of Rei, it is the life force that flows through all that lives.

It seems, with these statements, to enter a side that is foreign to science. Whereas, modern physics itself confirms this perspective: everything becomes charged with energy and tends to release it.

Currently certified level II operator in the “Usui Shiki Ryoho Method” at the University Popolare in Lucca.

Operatore Olistico ai sensi della Legge N.4 del 2013